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All about heating

We at JUSTUS GmbH strive to produce high qualitative products and find innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. All our devices are characterized by an optimized combustion technique and meet the latest requirements according the legal requirements. Furthermore, we combine efficiency to usability and stand for modern and functional design.



Our technology overview

Learn more about wood stoves with heat storage „heatingPLUS“ – the power package



Natural stones make your stove unique

Stones are a natural product created millions of years ago. The unique texture of each stone make an individual from each stove.


Guaranteed clean!

A modern wood stove is created to combust the wood with very low emissions. Thanks to an optimized air flow and the and the use of high end materials and constructions this environmentally friendly process is possible. 



Wood logs and briquetts for optimized operation

For optimized operation of your wood stove we recommend the combination of wood logs and briquetts. Wood combusts fast and heats up the wood stove. Briquetts ensure for a long combustion time and an even heat emission.