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BImSchV – guaranteed clean!

Heating with wood becomes more popular. The renewable fuel reduces carbon emissions and is one of the government-sponsored renewable energies. The government wants to gradually move forward with the Federal Emission Control Ordinance (German: Bundesimmisionsschutzverordnung, or BImSchV) for the use of advanced furnace technology.

By 1 January 2010, the 2nd stage of the BImSchV came into effect, which requires compliance with stricter limits for newly built wooden fireplaces. (Limits depending on the type of appliance: dust from 0.02-0.04 g / m³ CO of 0.25 to 1.50 g / m³). The 2nd stage of the introduction BImSchV fulfilling every specific standard, e.g. Austrian standard, LRV Switzerland and specific city Standards, as these all required limits are satisfied. However, existing single-room wood stove systems have to be upgraded or replaced depending on the age and quality of the heating provided.

A modern fireplace and stove is designed so that - thanks to an optimized air supply, the use of new materials and refined combustion technology - the wood burns with very few emissions. If an obsolete stove is replaced by a modern one, the particulate matter and pollutants can be reduced by up to 85%.

In addition, the burning of wood produces no additional greenhouse gases, since only as much carbon dioxide is released as the tree absorbed during its growth. The new units are considerably more economical, efficient and lower in emissions than their predecessors.


All stoves we supply fulfill all the latest regulations and are guaranteed clean!



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