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Our technique


A wood stove with heat storage is even more capable. After saving the heat of the combustion the stones emit it slowly into the living room.
After the fire burned down, the heat storage provides continuous heat for several hours.


Speicherstein „wärmePLUS“





Der Kaminofen mit Speichermasse





heatPLUS – the power-package

  • The thermal storage mass is made of high-quality HST-fireclay
  • Extremely high density of 2,9kg/dm³
  • Almost constant thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/mK
  • Application temperature up to 1200°C
  • Provides uniform temperature distribution in the room without high temperature peaks
  • When fully charged, the thermal storage mass can provide heat up to 13 hours.





Technik wasserführender Kaminofen

The wood stove with boiler function

The technology of wood stoves with boiler function allows to spread the heat, produced by the wood stove, around the house.

It is based on an easy concept:

A part of the heat produced by combustion is branched off by the heat exchanger. The heated water is led to radiators around the house. Cooled down, the water returns back to the oven and starts over the cycle.















Product information

We at JUSTUS GmbH strive to produce high qualitative products and find innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. All our devices are characterized by an optimized combustion technique and meet the latest requirements according the legal requirements. Furthermore, we combine efficiency to usability and stand for modern and functional design.


Profilierte Feuerraumauskleidung   

Profiled burning chamber lining

The furnace lining has profiled vermiculite components with high strength and attractive surface. It looks nice and provides the required turbulence of the gases for clean combustion.

Wärmespeicher „wärmePLUS“  

Heat-storage "Heating Plus"

The integrated special-mixture can save heat and emit it to the room up to 13 hours after the fire extinguished.


Automatic control

A special feature of environmental friendliness. The oven can be operated non-stop.

Use only permitted fuels! Check the manual.

24 h Dauerbetrieb   24 h continuous operation

A special feature of quality and enviromental friendliness. 

The Oven can be used temporary unlimited. Use only permissible fuels. Check the manual!

Raumheizvermögen 88 m³   Room heating capability

The room heating capacity is used to select the proper burning stove performance.

Wirkungsgrad >80%  


The efficiency describes the actual usable part of the fuel energy. The residual energy is required for the function of the chimney.

JUSTUS Safe-Verschlusssystem  

JUSTUS safe-locking system

The closed door remains permanently tight. The hydraulic system is almost maintenance free and hardwearing. The door is easy to use and provides an extremely low noise level.
Please notice: Stoves with an approval of the DBIT (German Institute for Building Technology) can be operated independent of ambient air in combination with fresh air, flue pipe and firing room without additional safety equipment.


Multi point locking system

The multi-point locking prevents warping of the fire door caused by high temperatures. In addition the special sealing prevents from unwanted air supply and and keeps the combustion quality stable in the oven.

Externe Verbrennungsluftzufuhr   External combustion air supply
In modern, more dense buildings with controlled ventilation systems, the combustion air must be supplied from the outside so there can not arise a vacuum in the living room. This requires a separate external air supply.

Please notice: The simultaneous operation of a stove with solid fuels and controlled ventilations systems is only permittet, if the stove has an approval under building law as independent of ambient air stove according to DBIT. The stove has to be equiped with a security device e.g. low pressure warning device that has acces to the ventilation systems and is able to turn them off in case a vacuum arises. 

Please find more information about DIBT in the users manual.


Airwash system

A deliberately conducted airflow prevents condensation and deposition of flue gases at the inside of the glass. This keeps the window clear.



The special JUSTUS triple-air-system provides for the ideally dosed air supply exactly where its needed for the combustion. The desired result is an especially clean and efficient combustion.



Water heat exchanger in stoves offer the option to supply a portion of the thermal power produced into the central heating system. As a result a saving in oil and gas and a reduction of CO2 emissions occures.

Brennkammer Länge der Holzscheite 33 cm  

Combustion chamber: length of logs

JUSTUS combustion chambers are dimensioned for log length from 25 to 40 cm.

Luftdurchströmter Griff  

Air-flow handle

By air circulation thru the ergonomically shaped handle the temperature at the surface is largely reduced.