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A very special idea of heating

“Natural heat energy“ is a category of renewable energies such as sun, wind, water, and biomass. JUSTUS combined two of those into an intelligent heating system. The energy generated from wood and sun is solar heat, climate-neutral and advantageous regarding economic and ecological concerns.

Solar energy

The sun is a very reliable, seemingly infinite source of energy. Sunbeams supply more than 10,000 times the energy the earth would ever need. Moreover it comes for free and every day.

Wood combustion is CO² neutral

The forest is the world’s largest solar power plant. Solar energy can be stored in wood until it is released by combustion. Biomass is a very traditional way of heat generation using wood logs or, in a modern format as pellets. Thanks to German forestry, wood is available in a large amount. The important aspect about wood is its neutral CO² ratio, meaning that all the carbon dioxide emissions released by wood during combustion would have been absorbed by the tree while it was growing.

Heizen mit Holz

For people who think sustainable

Connected to climate change is also a change in our living conditions. Each one of us is involved into the development and is able to do one’s bit.

Climate changes concerns everyone of us

The more people actively use the possibilities of saving CO2, the more can prevent serious problems. By burning fossil fuels, harmful greenhouse gases are released which contain mostly carbon dioxide. Saving these gases also means decelerate the global warming process.

CO2 sparen und Umwelt schützen

Sustainable heating technology

Individual heating contributes up to 30% to the energy consumption. Using natural heat energy means ecological awareness in terms of using environmentally-friendly bio fuels such as solar energy and wood. Besides being more independent of the energy price development, the government supports the acquisition by subsidies.

Sonnenenergie und Biomasse