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Saving calculations example

With "natural heat energy" you are able to cover the main part of heat energy of a single-family house. With a low energy house it is even possible to live completely independent of fossil fuels thanks to the good isolation.


Sunlight comes for free!

A solar system with 9 m² collector surface size provides an annual performance of 7.720 kWs. This is enough to provide the annual need of warm water of a four person family.

Savings potential:
6.750 KWh equals:
ca. 680 liter oil
633 € (calculated with price/liter: 0,93 €)


Pure heat-energy – CO2 neutral!

In the cold time of the year, a wood stove has about 5 hours of operation per day. It delivers an average of 7.220 kWs per heating period, which covers the most part of a single-family household.

Savings potential:
7.220 KWh equals:
ca. 650 liter oil
605 € (calculated with price/liter: 0,93 €)


An example:

If a 25 year-old house is equipped with a JUSTUS heating supplement set, the oil or gas consumption will decrease and also the carbon dioxide emission.

Required amount of wood: ca. 5,5 cubic meter beech wood, 80% performance.